932-5 Koza, Kushimoto Town, Higashimuro, Wakayama, Japan


Coming from the Osaka areaComing from the Nagoya areaComing from the Kantou area

[By car] Kinki Highway→Hanwa Highway→Yuasa Gobo Highway→Exit at South Susami and take coastal highway 42→Mirozu→Kushimoto→Koza (Travel time approx: 3 hours)

[By train] JR West, Kuroshio [Kyoto→Koza] (Travel time approx: 4 hours) / [Shin-Osaka→Koza] (Travel time approx: 3 hours 30 minutes)

[By car] Higashi Meihan Highway→Ise Highway→Kisei Highway→Exit at North Owase IC and take coastal highway 42→Go South→Owase→Shingu→Katsuura→Taiji→Koza (Travel time approx: 4 hours)

[By train] JR Toukai Express Wide View Nanki (Travel time approx: 4 hours) →[Nagoya→Kii Katsuura] (Travel time approx: 3 hours 30 minutes) At JR Kii Katsuura Station please transfer to Kinokuni Line to get to Koza station. [Kii Katsuura→Koza] (Travel time approx: 30 minutes)

[By night bus] Seibu Kankou Bus or Mie Kankou Bus[Ikebukuro Eki East Exit→Katsuura Onsen]→After arriving at Katsuura Onsen please go to JR Kii Katsuura station and take the Kinokuni Line to get to Koza station. [Kii Katsuura→Koza] (Travel time approx: 12 hours [incl. sleeping in bus])

[By airplane] Haneda Airport→Nanki Shirahama Airport[Flight time approx: 1 hour 10 minutes] Take the JR at Shirahama Station using the Kinokuni line to reach Koza Station.

※We can provide transportation free of charge to those who arrive by public transit. Please let us know your arrival time before hand.