Fun Diving

BEACH Beach Diving

One dive : 6,600 JPY

Two dives : 8,800 JPY

The beach diving course is recommended even for beginners because you can enjoy taking your time in the shallows without thinking about the time.


BOAT Boat Diving

One dive: 8,800 JPY

Two dives : 15,400 JPY

Additional dives : +5,500 JPY

In this course you can experience diving offshore and enjoy seeing many different kinds of beautiful fish right before your eyes. Don’t miss out on the many attractive points such as The Black Tunnel and Uenoshima.


※Departure time: 9:30~13:00

River Diving

FRESH WATER Fresh Water Diving

Under100meters altitude : 6,600 JPY

Over100meters altitude : 8,800 JPY

Diving with giant salamander : 11,000 JPY

The alluring point about the freshwater dive course is that you can encounter Japan’s very unique and rare wildlife such as the Japanese Giant Salamander and Fire Belly Newt due to the pristine waters of Koza River.


Beginner & Skill Up

BEGINNER Personal Experience Diving

One dive: 11,000 JPY

Additional dives: +5,500 JPY

Let’s go for a swim together on a course that fits you well with our staff who are well experienced, kind, and fun loving.


SKILL UP PADI Certification Course

Open water 3 days: 66,000 JPY

Advanced 2 days: 44,000 JPY

Specialty diver course, etc

Kooza can provide the chance to dive in various locations while you are training for your certification. You can enjoy the nature of southern Wakayama while you are learning.




1 time: 2,200 JPY

You can get to know about not only fish, but also the plants and animals of the Kii Peninsula on this tour. How about we take some time and go for a leisurely stroll through nature?



If you rent our equipment, you won’t need to worry about carrying it around and can relax knowing it is well maintained.
Full rental(Wetsuit set) 4,400 JPY
BC(Buoyancy compensator) 1,100 JPY
Regulator 1,100 JPY
Wetsuit 2,200 JPY
Drysuit 3,300 JPY
4 piece set (Mask, snorkel, boots, and fins) 1,100 JPY
Camera rental (One day) 2,200 JPY
  • A fishing industry union fee of 500 yen is required when diving on the beach or boat.
  • The price for diving courses covers all of the following: Tank, Guide, Boat, Using our facility, and Tax.
  • Lunch is not included with any course.
  • Prices could be subject to change.
  • You can use credit card to pay. (JCB, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners, etc)
  • Baby sitting service is available. (Reserved only)
  • The displayed prices a Excluding tax.
【About cancellation】
The cancellation of the day before will charge 50% of the diving fee as cancellation fee. The cancellation on the day will charge 100% of the diving fee as cancellation fee. The cancellation without contact will charge 100% of the diving fee as well. If you consider cancellation please contact us early. There is no cancellation fee for closing due to weather conditions.